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ホームMAJOR RECORD$$ KEEN / K-STYLE YYY0-310-2-2 (MR-0096) 後程済

$$ KEEN / K-STYLE YYY0-310-2-2 (MR-0096) 後程済

販売価格: 9,800円 (税別)
(税込価格: 10,780円)
MR-096 (MR-0096) 2枚組 Produced by KAYA
TOKYO、Stay、Sky High、Love You Tonight、Heaven、Maria

A1 Tokyo Feat. Steven A. Haynes (Club Mix) Featuring – Steven A. Haynes
A2 Tokyo Feat. Steven A. Haynes (DJ Ken-Bow Edit) Featuring – Steven A. Haynes Remix – DJ Ken-Bow
B1 Stay
B2 Sky High

C1 Love You Tonight (Club Mix)
C2 Love You Tonight (Radio Mix)
D1 Heaven (Club Mix)
D2 Maria (Club Mix)
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