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Every Little Thing / the remixes analog box set (7枚組)予

販売価格: 7,800円 (税別)
(税込価格: 8,580円)
7枚組 REMIX集!ボーカル・トラック(アカペラ)入り!レコード盤」です。

RR12-88037 発売 97/12/19 アナログLP(7枚組) 当時価格 ¥12,600(税込)
タイトル 「The Remixes Analog Box SET」

Disk01 A-01 Future World (Further Contact Mix)
A-02 Future World (Right Attitude Remix)
B-01 Future World (Lightfoot's Future Shock Mix)
B-02 Future World (KM Future Voice Mix)
B-03 Future World Vocal Track

Disk02 A-01 Feel My Heart (D's CLASSIC MIX)
A-02 Feel My Heart (D's JOURNEY DUB MIX)
B-01 Feel My Heart (Plasma Mix)
B-02 Feel My Heart (Red Monster Mix)
B-03 Feel My Heart Vocal Track

Disk03 A-01 Dear My Friend (D's funky klub remix)
A-02 Dear My Friend (D's funked up dub) --:--
B-01 Dear My Friend (D-Z Divine Inspiration Mix)
B-02 Dear My Friend ('97 Pumped-Up Mix)
B-03 Dear My Friend Vocal Track

Disk04 A-01 Season (Cloudy Skies Mix)
A-02 Season (Jupitor Soul Mix)
A-03 Season Vocal Track
B-01 Dear My Friend (205 W.Tang mix)
B-02 Dear My Friend (205mix reprise)
B-03 Never Stop! (Satoshi's Summer Breeze Mix)
B-04 Never Stop! Vocal Track

Disk05 A-01 I'll get over you (Over and Out Mix)
A-02 I'll get over you (T's Reminiscence Mix)
B-01 I'll get over you (Intensive Remix)
B-02 I'll get over you (Lightfoot's Down Beat Mix)
B-03 I'll get over you Vocal Track

Disk06 A-01 たとえ遠く離れてても... (Intensive Remix)
A-02 たとえ遠く離れてても... (Lightfoot's Distant Vocal Mix)
B-01 たとえ遠く離れてても... (Trrip Strip Mix)
B-02 たとえ遠く離れてても... Vocal Track

Disk07 A-01 Here and everywhere (Super Bootbeat Mix)
A-02 Here and everywhere Vocal Track
B-01 Looking Back On Your Love (Hindsight mix)
B-02 Looking Back On Your Love (Groove That Soul Mix)
B-03 Looking Back On Your Love Vocal Track

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